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Barbecue Tool Set

  • NexTool Barbecue Tool Set
  • Storage Box: PE-HD+420J1, 313×240 x 39mm
  • Paring Knife: PP+420J2, 127x12x 64.6mm
  • Multifunction Scissors: PP+3Cr13, 226×79.5x14mm
  • Santoku knife: PP+3Cr13, 267.3x19x37.3mm (Without Sheath)
  • Chopping Board: PP, 291x191x4.5mm
  • BBQ Tongs: PA6+15%GF+301, 250x60x 20mm
  • Weight: 1128g±100g
  • Model No.: NE20261

Additional information


1) Approximate size of A4 paper

2) Can change the knife for better grilling

3) High quality steel, sharp and tough

4) All-in-one knife sharpener

5) Portable storage

6) Carrying case design

Product included:

Storage Box, Paring Knife, Multifunction Scissors, Santoku Knife, Chopping Board, BBQ Tongs

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