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Camping Lantern

  • NexTool Multi Functional Camping Lantern
  • Body material:  ABS
  • Parameters: High mode 600lm; Medium mode 150lm; Low mode 15lm
  • Waterproof: IPX4
  • Battery: 26650*1 (5000mAh,3.7V, 18Wh)
  • Charging: Type C Interface, 5V/2A, Charging Time: 3 Hours
  • Size: 59mm (Body Diameter) x 82mm (Height)
  • Weight: 170g±4g
  • Model No.: NE20016

Additional information


Nextool Multi-function Lantern, light up your dark way.

600 lumens ultra-bright light-weight outdoor lantern. Definitely, a perfect outdoor night can not be lack of a wonderful lantern. Nextool multi-function lantern meets various outdoor needs and environments. And it can create a romantic life atmosphere. Not only simple appearance but also powerful multiple functions.

600 Lumens Altra Bright Illumination.

Palm-size but bright output. One button operation to switch from Low-Mid-High output mode. Max output up to 600 lumens. Bright enough for lighting things around but without dazzling your eyes.

6 Modes to Meet Various Applications.

Compatible built with white & colorful light sources. White light for daily lighting. Red light for night vision. Red-Blue Flash and colorful light for the atmosphere to meet your different needs.

1. Outdoor camping



4.Emergency lighting

5.Car repairing


One button for modes switching


Red flash

Red-blue flash

Atmosphere light


Palm-size compact structure


High capacity battery for longer use

Built-in 18 Wh high capacity polymer lithium battery equal to 16 pcs of ordinary AAA batteries.

Max runtime can up to 168 hours when fully charged.

Hook & magnetic dual way design

Offer two ways to hang, if you want to hook it somewhere or attach to the metal surface, both available.


Type-C direct charging able to match multi-power supply.


Able to be the power bank for mobile devices.


Also, the 360-degree angle lighting, round edge design, blue lights for power indicator, and two side hook for hanging stably will blow your mind.

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