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Mini Flagship

  • NexTool Mini Flagship Multi-functional Pliers
  • Pliers Material: 30Cr13
  • Knife Material: 50Cr15
  • Scissors Material: 420J2
  • Surface Treatment: Powder Coating
  • Closed Size: 67.5 x 27 x 17.5mm(Red/Green); 68 x 27 x 16mm(Silver/Dark)
  • Weight: 79±5g(Silver/Dark); 83±5g(Red/Green)
  • Model No.: NE20178(Silver)/ NE20050(Red) / NE20051(Green) / NE20122(Dark)

Additional information


High-quality materials and masterful workmanship make this mini multitool the perfect companion.

This tool has 54 components with a precise structure. The just 78g light and 6.5cm short mini flagship with the ingenious design has these features:

1. Combination pliers
2. Nail file
3. Slotted screwdriver
4. Phillips screwdriver
5. Can opener
6. knife (6.2cm / §42a-compliant)
7. Bottle opener
8. scissors

The entire multitool is made of first-class stainless steel and is extremely robust despite its minimal dimensions.

10-in 1 Mini Multi-tools Solve your daily repairings.

Assemble pliers, knives, screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener tools in one. Supermini in size, but strong in functions. Easily meet needs like cutting, twisting, screwing, peeling, etc. It offers an elegant user feeling and rather a convenient carry.

6.5 cm Size | Extremely Portable

6.5 cm closed length, 78 grams in weight. Less burden and easier for carrying. It’s a perfect stand-by pocket tool.

Compact Plier Tip
Mini plier tip including functions of niddle-nose pliers, regular pliers, soft wire pliers, compact design but offer tight twisting.

Needle-nose Pliers
To twist steel wire and short diameter screw nut.

Mini Regular Pliers
To tighten or loosen screw nut under M6 size.

Mini Soft Wire Cutter
Able to cut thin copper wire of 0.15mm

Patented Integrated Scissors
Realize the combination of scissors and pliers on one handle. Comfortable and sharp for use.

Mini Knife
High hardness and toughness. Durable for home use and outdoor use.

Bottle/Can Opener

Easily open a bottle or can.

Mini Philips Screwdriver

Key-Chain Ring
Convenient to attach with key chain or hang on bags, etc.
File, flat head screw, puncture.
Dual-use file, oblique lines on one side, gridlines on the other side. Flat screwdriver on the tip for screwing. Also able to pierce packages.

Also, the pliers and the scissors have a professional spring mechanism, which makes all work with the Mini-Flagship child’s play.

In order to really have this mini toolbox with you, it is equipped with a keyring!
Equipped in this way, you are perfectly prepared for many situations.

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