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Multi-functional Knife

  • NexTool Multi-functional Knife
  • Main Material: 420J2
  • Surface Finish: Black Coating
  • Closed Size: 106 X 36 X 21mm
  • Weight: 193.5±5g
  • Model No.: NE0123

Additional information


Accuracy up to 0.04 mm

NexTool has invested more than $ 3 million in creating a high-precision production line to be able to control production at every stage and guarantee the quality of every part. The accuracy of the machines used in the production of NexTool is an amazing 0.04 mm (For comparison, the accuracy of conventional metalworking equipment is 0.1 mm).

Burnishing to protect against rust

Consistent color and high durability of the coating

To protect it from rust and obtain a rich black color, the multitool is blued. The oxide layer formed on its surface protects the metal from external influences, and also gives it an attractive appearance.

High strength and durability

The jaws of the multifunctional pliers are made of 30Cr13 alloy steel and hardened to 50 HRC. They are distinguished by high strength and hardness, as well as resistance to abrasion and other types of mechanical stress. The jaws combine the functions of pliers, long-nose pliers, and pliers. They have a sharp cutting edge and hold various elements firmly for the job.

Long nose pliers

For working with metal wires or small fasteners


Standard pliers are great for bolts over 4mm in diameter


Cut through stranded cable with a core diameter of 0.15 mm

Large and powerful scissors

For connoisseurs of practicality Many multitool users have to be content with only small scissors, but the NexTool multitool has room for full-size scissors. The scissors share one handle with pliers, moving gently and easily cutting through cardboard, paper, fabric, and rope thanks to the sharp cutting edge.

Folding flint

For hikers

The one-piece ferrocerium rod is water-resistant and does not weigh down the backpack, helping to quickly build a fire. For outdoor enthusiasts, it will become one of the most useful tools.

Small but very sharp knife

The high hardness of the blade helps maintain the sharpness of the cutting edge longer, and the stainless steel coating protects against the harshest working conditions.


The saw is hardened to a 50 Rockwell hardness, and the blade design with two rows of cutting teeth improves sawing efficiency and protects against blade sticking.

Slotted screwdriver

Widely used for a wide variety of hardware

Crosshead screwdriver

For Phillips Head Mounts

Bottle opener

110mm handle serves as a lever for easy opening of a wide variety of bottles

Compactness and mobility

Folds easily and fits in your pocket

When folded, the length of the NexTool is only 11 cm. It does not take up much space either in your pocket or in your backpack, and thanks to the convenient cutouts, each tool can be quickly reached for work.

Innovation and craftsmanship NexTool has over 20 years of experience in OEM manufacturing of multifunctional tools for various international companies. Its head, who became known as the “Father of Knife Manufacturing in China,” Lin Jieqing has created a professional team of leading engineers and designers who are constantly working on improving production and introducing innovations so that the user has the highest quality and most convenient tool.

48 ingredients

Strict quality control of every little thing

The NexTool has a wide range of functions and a sophisticated 48-piece design. With such a large number of parts, the demands on the precision of every little detail are greatly increased so that when assembled together they fit tightly together and create a single instrument of superior quality. Therefore, NexTool applies the most advanced methods and equipment to control and guarantee the quality of each component.

118 processing steps

Highest manufacturing standards

The manufacturing process includes the processing of sheet materials and castings, operations to increase the strength and accuracy of components, and an inspection of the overall assembly to ensure that the highest quality standards are met.

Ten tools in one

Just one multitool can replace an entire toolbox for different tasks. The NexTool multitool combines scissors, pliers, knife, saw, screwdriver, and other tools, including even a flint. High precision of execution allows not only to fit all the tools in one body but also to ensure their highest quality for the task of twisting, cutting, or crimping at any time and in a variety of conditions.

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