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Multi-functional Shovels

  • NexTool Multi Functional Folding Shovel
  • Shovel material: 20Cr13
  • Handle material: Aerospace aluminum 6061-T6
  • Size: 1000 x 158mm(Regular) ; 830 x 140mm(Medium); 500 x 120mm(Mini)
  • Weight: 1450.5±25g(Regular); 1026±20g(Medium); 559±15g(Mini)
  • Model No.: NE0114(Regular) / NE20206(Medium)NE20013(Mini)

Additional information


Frigate combines a shovel, hoe, hook, saw, screwdriver, fire stick, hammer, compass, whistle, and other tools together, which can meet all your needs when in the wild for rescue, outdoors adventure, self-driving tour, and so on. With it, without worries.

158mm wide and 200mm long, the shield-like shovel can shovel more soil each time. Besides, it is easier and simpler used with the design of V shape head and triangular surface.

The shovel can be transformed as a hoe after twisting the handle. The hoe can be used ergonomically and saving effort with an angle of 85° between it and the 76cm long handle.

30° HOOK
The shovel can be used as a hook when adjusting the angle as 30°, which helps to hook the tree branch for making fire outdoors.


To scrape the fire stick with the saw and then make fire for cooking, warming, and even scaring the beast when in outdoor survival, camping, or self-driving tour.

Phillips screwdriver and flathead screwdriver can be fixed on the sleeve of the handle, for outdoor repairing.

The hammer is made of tungsten steel with high hardness, which can break the car window and escape easily. Also can be used for defense in an emergency.

With 2.5mm thickness and HRC45 hardness, the shovel is made of 2Cr13 steel, which is anticorrosive and wear-resistant and has better toughness shown after heat treatment.

The handle is strong and tough enough to support the weight of 1.8 tons from a car due to its 6061-T6 aluminum material. The anodic oxidation finishing brings a comfortable grip and beautiful texture.

Most shovel products on the market transfer different functions by screw up the thread on the handle, which will hurt our arms because the shovel will auto-rotate when unscrewing it. However, the frigate used the security positioning design to avoid such problems. When we unscrew the thread, the positioning bead will insert the hole to prevent the shovel from dropping so that shovel can transfer different functions safely (including 30° hook, 85° hammer, 180° shovel).
TIPS: To unscrew the thread clockwise and screw it anticlockwise.

Tools Included: Shovel, Wood Saw, Hoe, Hook, Screwdriver, Fire Stick, Hammer, Compass
Whistle, Bottle Opener, Hook Knife, Wrench, Glass Breaker, Handle 1-3

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