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Lightning Peep-proof

  • NexTool Lightning Electric Peep-proof Flashlight
  • Body material: Aerospace aluminum 6061-T6
  • Flashlight parameters: High mode 500lumens;Low mode 20lumens;Strobe 500lumens
  • Camera detector: Continuously works for more than 16 hours if fully charged
  • Acousto-optic alarm:Continuously works 1.5 hours if fully charged
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours
  • Size: 22 x 140mm
  • Weight: 85g
  • Model No.: NE20042(black)/NE20043(red)

Additional information


Nextool Lightning peep-proof flashlight, equipped with infrared scanning function, exposes all the hidden cameras to your sights. Combining an acousto-optic alarm and a 500 lumens output flashlight in one, it guards you all the day and night when you’re traveling outdoor.



1) Exposing the hidden cameras, protecting your privacy

2) 500 lumens high output, lighting up long distance in the dark

3) Infrared scanner, detecting the peeping eyes

4) One button to trigger alarm, to seek help effificiently

5) Specially designed strong light strobe, a warning signal to prevent accidents from happening

6) Superior material, aerospace grade Aluminum



Parameters Three Modes
High Mode Low Mode Strobe
Brightness 500lm 20lm 500lm
Run time 2h 15h 4h
Beam distance 150m / /
Electric arc The arc is on for 5s everytime. When fully charged,it offers 180 times ignition
Acousto-optic alarm When fully charged, it continuously works for 1.5 hours
Dimension 22mm(Body Diameter) x 140mm(Length)
Weight 78g(not including accessories)
Material Aerospace aluminum 6061-T6
Charging Type C charging interface, charging time≈2.5 hours
Battery 1 x 14500 battery
Model No. NE20042(Black) / NE20043(Red)

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