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Thunder Music 12 in 1

  • NexTool Outdoor 12 in 1 Thunder Music Flashlight 900lms
  • Material: Metal: 6061 Aluminum Alloy / Plastic: ABS, PA66+30%GF, PMMA
  • Flashlight parameters: White light 35-900lm; Red light 3-95lm; Green light 6-160lm; Blue light 0.5-20lm
  • Waterproof: IPX4
  • Charging time: Input: 5V 1A / charge time: ≈3.5h / Output: 5V 1A / Rated Capacity: 1400mAh
  • Battery: 18650×1 (2600mAh 3.6V 9.36Wh)
  • Speaker KW: 4Ω2W
  • Size: 173mm(L)×36mm(W)×43mm(H) ± 2mm
  • Weight: 246g± 5g (Battery included)
  • Model No.: NE20161

Additional information


Twelve in one practical multi-functional flashlight. White/red/green/blue focus flashlight, Mini Speaker, music rhythm light, work light,camp light, sound atmosphere light, warn-ing light, sound and light alarm, power bank in one.It could follow you to anywhere.

Full coverage of different life scenes-whether it is for car commuting, outdoor self- driving tour, or security defense,NexTool Thunder Music Flashlight can meet the demand for light in time.

The maximum brightness of the flashlight is 900 lm, and the farthest beam distance is 245 meters. The main lamp is equipped with high bright warm white, red, blue and green light.It adopts a Fresnel patented lens, telescopic focusing,and quick switching between spotlight and floodlight.

With 360 degree adjust angle , the side lamp is functioning either as an illumination light or a warning light. With a magnetic fixing system and tripod, it frees your hands when being used.

Equipped with wireless speaker and music atmosphere lamp, you can enjoy wonderful sound and light experience at any time.

With the sound atmosphere lamp, you could feel the rhythm of music.High alarm plus strong light strobe, offers double guard against danger. It can be used as an emergency power bank to ensure the normal operation of the phone in emergencies.

1) Thunder flashlight has 12 functions in one, including lights, Bluetooth speaker, and power bank.

2) Suitable for car commuting, outdoor activities, and self defense.

3) Maximum brightness of 900 lm and multiple light modes with spotlight and floodlight.

4) Side lamp adjusts 360 degrees and can function as an illumination light or warning light.

5) Has a wireless speaker and music atmosphere lamp for entertainment.

6) The sound atmosphere lamp lets users experience the rhythm of music.

7) Has a high alarm and strong light strobe for added safety.

8) Can be used as an emergency power bank to charge phones.

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