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  • NexTool Baymini Mosquito Repelling Camp Lamp
  • Brightness: High mode 120lm;  Low mode 15lm
  • Charging: 204040 Lithium polymer battery, 3600mAh 3.6V12.96Wh(5V2A)
  • Charging Time: 5.5h
  • Timing Gear: First Gear 2h,Second gear 4h, Third Gear 8h
  • Operating Temperature of Electric Heater: 110±7°C
  • Effective Repelling Range: 35㎡ (Indoor)
  • The Content Of Permethrin: 0.6%±0.09%
  • Weight: 282g±5g (Net Weight Not Including Repellent Liquid)
  • Size: φ96.4×128.3mm
  • Model No.: NE20193

Additional information


Just like a mobile invisible mosquito net, Baymini keeps mosquitoes away from you. What’s more,with a gentle atmosphere light source,it promises you safe and enjoyable camping surroundings, meeting your multineeds either indoor or outdoor by switching between the four lighting modes.


1) Repelling mosquitoes while lighting, multi functions in one light

2) Low noise design, guarding your peaceful sleep

3) Four modes delivering warm lights, creating harmonious atmosphere

4) Intelligent time setting,environment-friendly and energy-saving

5) Practical and high-efficient, useful either indoor or outdoor

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