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Thunder Shovel

  • NexTool Thunder Multi Functional Shovel
  • Shovel material: 30Cr13
  • Axe material: 30Cr13
  • Pole material: Aluminum alloy
  • Body material: PA + fiber glass
  • Finish: Black oxidization
  • Closed size: 62 x 28.1 x 362mm
  • Weight: 700g
  • Model No.: NE20057

Additional information


For outdoor trips, how could you make yourself well prepared but bring as less burden as possible with you? How could you become a reliable person in emergencies? A Thunder multi functional shovel is to promise you with multi functions but easy operation as well as light weight and compactness.

Functions switchable as needed

An excellent outdoor assistant, breaking the traditional imageof axe and shovel which are big and diffificult to store, Thunder multi functional shovel is compact in design. It does not need a lot of install works and is simple to operate.


1) 6 functions in one, easy to operate

2) Lock positioning, safe to apply all the functions

3) Craftsmanship constructing every detail of the structure

4) Black oxidized coating forming a dense protective layer against rust, humidity and mud

5) Assembled with aerospace grade Aluminum inner pole, light-weight to carry


The smooth round-shaped handle offers a solid grip to better control the shovel when in use;

The V-shaped axe edge,tough enough to avoid dents on the edge, maintains stable force cohesion, and cuts neatly and simply;

High-effificiency three-tooth wood saw, cutting effificiency is about 3 times that of single-tooth saw;

By connecting to the handle,the saw is extended so the working distance of the saw is extended accordingly


Tools included:

Shovel, Hammer, Axe, Mechanical lock knob, Wood saw, Knife, Fire starter

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