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A Multi-tool to Solve All Your Daily Repairs

Until you have experienced a multi-tool, you will never realize how perfect it is for solving the problem at hand. 

When you carry a multi-tool, a whole world of problem-solving and empowerment opens up. Once you acquire one, it will quickly become an indispensable part of your life.

Cost Effective Multi-tools

Compared to the Flagship Pro from NexTool, the Sailor Pro has a lower price and more than 20 functions, making it a high-cost performance multi-tool from NexTool.

Better and High Security

The safety insert lock design enables more precise operation and protection. When you opening or closing any tools, it must be unlock before use. This ensures that our users can safely use the tool.

Pliers-based Multi-Tool with Great Full-Size

The Sailor Pro is a pliers-based multi-functional tool. The pliers parts are made of high carbon 20cr13 stainless steel, which ensures the durability, high quality and high hardness of the tool.

The pliers head combines three functions: needle nose pliers, standard pliers, and wire cutters, making it suitable for clamping, twisting, cutting, and screwing. Our brand has upgraded the cutter to be replaceable this year, extending its sustainability.

Versatile and Practical for Everyday Use

A wide range of normal gadgets with a sharp knife, small scissors, bottle opener, double-sided file, serrated knife and flat screwdriver. 

Among them, the three-dimensional Phillips Screwdriver is the most outstanding, which is more suitable for daily life.

Specialized Gadgets

Sailor Pro also contains some special tools inside the handle. The wood saw, knot untying tool and sewing awl make it easy for our users to handle the demands of the outdoors.

Extra Small Features

By attaching the bit socket to the screwdriver head, you can connect it to the handle, creating a full-size screwdriver.

The tool features a 12cm long handle and 9 different models of interchangeable screwdriver heads for various uses and personalized needs. 

Unique Design

The bluish-gray design highlight the product’s texture exquisitely. The oxidized aluminum handle features a symmetric, streamlined shape that improve the grip comfort.

The Sailor Pro is undoubtedly the king of NexTool’s price-performance ratio, combining the advantage of price and functionality to stand out in NexTool’s line of  full-size multi-tools.

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