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Find a Suitable Multitool from the Nextool Line

Today, let’s follow the video of Dominic (@maxlvledc), a famous EDC tools influencer, to experience NexTool’s multi-tool series!

Here come our NexTool pliers-based multifunctional tools.

The Flagship Pro from NexTool is a popular and high-quality multi-tool combining four main and several smaller tools. It features a pliers head with replaceable cutters, and full-size scissors, and comes with a Kydex Sheath case for easy carrying and locking in place. It is available in five colors: black, silver, red, green and blue.

The outstanding features of the black Knife are its lightweight, affordable price and slim body. The full-size scissors can handle harder items. The bit kit adds to the utility of the tool.

The Sailor Pro is still a pliers-based multi-tool with a more ergonomic body design for a more comfortable grip. This product enjoys an affordable price and various functions. Besides the classic functions, the three-dimensional Phillips screwdriver with Bit Kit enhances the product’s utility for more efficient use. 

Here come EDC multifunctional tools.

This is also a pliers-based multi-tool with full-size scissors that are a bit larger than other small multi-tools. This EDC product enjoys the same superior quality and full features. It is more portable than the flagship Pro.

The Mini Sailor is a keychain tool and one of our most popular products, the Mini is the perfect size to take on the go, with a key ring for easy hanging. For the mini sailor series, our brand also has Mini Sailor Pliers Lite (TSA Friendly Tool), Mini Sailor (Scissors Version), and Mini Sailor Pliers(blue, black, green and red ).

If you’re looking for a wrench-type multi-tool, these two products are good choices for you

This pliers-based tool comes with an adjustable wrench that can be adapted to a variety of scenarios. It’s relatively lightweight, which makes it perfect for carrying on the go!

The Light Wrench W2 is a versatile wrench plier that will surprise you. The wrench allows for smooth adjustable operation with one hand. The three-dimensional Phillips screwdriver is not only finely crafted but can also be used to match different sizes of bits. There is another one in this series called Duty Wrench W1, without pliers.

No matter what kind of tool you need, you’ll find the right one in the NexTool line.

The NexTool team will continue to develop new products and bring more surprises to our customers, so stay tuned!

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